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hey has anyone had any experience with rendering a large dataset in a table with re-frame? I have a specific requirement where there is table like data that can be expanded/collapsed but obviously there are some performance issues there. looking for any suggestions


@launchpad have you checked out FixedDataTable?


@isak, i have but i was trying to do it without importing other libraries or components. i’ll look at it again but i was trying to avoid using fixed width and height and letting the browser resize the table properly based on the data


also, i’m not sure i’d be able to do an “expand/collapse” on rows


@launchpad yea that is pretty annoying. you could also use a <table> with multiple <tbody>, each of which could have a different subscription


that will let you get a little more precise with the re-renders


hmm, i haven’t tried that yet. sounds like it’s worth a shot. thank you