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@gjnoonan That is so great -- on behalf of countless people besides just me, thanks for creating this community. It came up so many times in my Google searches as I was trying to solve my problems, in podcasts, etc... It has been unexpectedly amazing to be able to interact with so many prominent people in the Clojure community -- congrats on creating such a vibrant and long-lasting community. It's an incredible boon for newbies like me!


@genekim Thank you for your kind words, it means a lot 🙂

souenzzo16:09:28 I'm doing that but still having trouble with chrome ff works great


tons of cache problem. it a figwheel/cljsbuild problem


i've just started a re-frame w/ re-frisk project. is there a trick to getting my app-db to reload properly?


i'm currently trying to figure out what the best shape for my state is going to be and want to play around with different representations. right now I have to reload my browser to see changes


I'm using CIDER + nrepl + figwheel as well


@mheld I'm the author of Sodium. My apologies; the project is still very new, so I guess I'm not too shocked that you've found a bug. But, I've not seen that one. Can you give more details?