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hi everyone, I'm a clojurescript/re-frame noob, wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction on how to approach testing when it comes to re-frame/reagent....


@dasibre 1. You'll need to understand cljs.test 2. Look at the re-frame docs: 3. Consider using extra tooling like:


Regarding point 1, the most recent Lambda Island video is both free and about "Running ClojureScript Tests"


@ag As you requested/suggested, I have completed an API doc:


I feel bad - never thought you'd feel obligated to do that. But at the same time I feel extremely grateful. Thank you! You are genuinely awesome!


@ag As I indicated before, I'm always interested in improving the experience of those learning re-frame. Given you have been dragged to re-frame kicking and screaming :-) my guess is that you'll have a more critical eye than most. And be more prepared to say what didn't work. So long as we can keep it constructive, I'm all ears about your experience.


Also the todomvc example which plunged a bit too quickly into interceptors has been further commented in an attempt to ease you in more gently if you are just getting going.


The missing piece of the puzzle! 🙂