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Hi There is some reason to not explicit the state like redux? (get state from props ...)


@rb1719 Just to be clear (slurp "") will read the single HTML file (and not anything loaded by that HTML, like CSS or JS etc ... so I guess I'm pedantically pointing out that slurp won't get the website, just one file) ... the equivalent in the browser will be something from Google's Closure library: See how to use it here:!topic/clojurescript/_Ck1dGzDPzY or perhaps the more modern


BUT forget the lowlevel above, you are probably better using a library like cljs-ajax


@souenzzo within re-frame we don't put state into components .... all state is stored in app-db. This state is obtained via subscribe. In addition, state can also be provided in props ... but such values are obtained as functional parameters