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@fbielejec hi, could you provide more info about this trouble, thank you


curious if most people run 3 lein tasks when doing reframe dev. Any pointers to an article that has a setup that works for you?


@stvnmllr2: What tasks are you running?


@shaun-mahood sorry.. got distracted with the kids. lein figwheel, run, repl (I've also used ring server instead of run)


@stvnmllr2: I usually run my dev Clojure program right from the repl, so that avoids the need for lein run You can also run figwheel from the repl, so of you really want to pare down you could get away with just 1 repl - but I tend to stick to 2, one for clojure and one for cljs.


But I also don't think it matters that much as long as they way you're doing it now isn't enough of a pain to switch - all 3 methods will totally work fine


ok, thanks for your thoughts. want to make sure i'm not doing something crazy.