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Hello, so i have this use case where i need to coordinate two http calls. I’m thinking re-frame/reg-event-fx would be a good solution but i would love to see an example of one so i can wrap my mind around it. From the looks of: This is what I need:

   (fn [db [_ a]]
       {:http {:method :get
               :url    ""
               :on-success  [:process-blah-response]
               :on-fail     [:failed-blah]}
        :db   (assoc db :flag true)}))


i guess my question is how do i turn ☝️:skin-tone-5: into a reg-event-fx


@dviramontes Your link is from the old documentation (it says so on the top of the page). I'd suggest looking at the corresponding one in the new docs: :)


I personally prefer to make my own effect handler for my api calls with reg-fx, but that's just that, a preference :)


@edwthomas Interested in updating that gist so that the charts can be dynamically updated with new data?


anyone know how to make a re-com slider vertical?


Hi all. Sorry for reposting in here and #cljsrn but it's really an overlapping question.


I'm playing with re-frame using re-natal / React Native and have hit a concern that I've not hit when using re-frame in a typical web app... The need to persist app-db between application restarts. Obviously a mobile app will need to retain state after closing down. Are there any typical patterns for keeping app-db in sync with for example localstorage?


@paulspencerwilliams the todomvc example has to keep the todos in localstore. I'd start there. Just to be clear, I mean: see /examples/todomvc/src/todomvc/events.cljs in the repo. Look for the ->local-store interceptor and its use.


@brthrjon from the looks of it :v-scroll :on would do the tirick. Have you looked at the docs at


hey, mike, thanks for that. It doesn't look like that is supported by slider. I managed to get it done with this garden code:


[(s/input (s/attr= :type :range)) {:writing-mode "bt-lr" :-webkit-appearance "slider-vertical" :height "175px" :padding "20px 5px" }]