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@drewverlee: we’re on AWS and we spin up 2 hand-built EC2 instances with the transactors on them. (You could also use the datomic AMI, but I got frustrated never being able to SSH into the instance and gave up on it). For our front-end builds we run lein cljsbuild on a CircleCI server and then use lein essthree to copy the results to an S3 bucket, which our server then references to put the javascript on the page. I haven’t really messed with the datomic REST API, but you’ll need some kind of server to interact with datomic - we use Elastic Beanstalk for ours, running Java SE.


@drewverlee we're also on AWS, but have the Datomic Transactor running in ECS containers. The IP adresses are reported dynamically to the storage (currently DynamoDB) upon startup.


And yes, you can also SSH to the EC2 instance(s) backing ECS. And do backups/restores of Datomic data etc.


@mikethompson I'm trying to dig up a reference to multimethods causing problems with reagent reloading. I remember discussing this with you. Do you have a pointer by any chance?


@timgilbert @luposlip Thanks for the advice, I have gotten several suggestions for AWS so i hope there is some handy docs lying around the net to help me get started 🙂. Ill have to take a look this weekend.


That looks cool @luposlip, was it hard to get up and running? I played around with running datomic in a docker container for a while and eventually gave up on it, but our current way of upgrading transactors between releases is pretty manual and finicky


No @timgilbert, with this script it's actually pretty easy! 🙂 Let's consider shifting to the #datomic for further discussion in this thread 😉

kishanov23:12:41 - just released new version of DataTable component for re-frame. Adds customizable pagination controls, features to provide additional structure (tfoot, additional rows in thead) and some events for selected data


I’ve also imlpemented a full-featured demo app ( that uses most of the features of DataTable to build gmail-like interface