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Okay, that's me done on docs for a month


Ok. I'll do that. Thank you. It is relative slow for me to get the points written in English. I am doing demo and reading the docs these days.


So the first fn's return value is the second fn's first param. Thanks. I am going to change some of my codes.


And the syntactic sugar, awesome!


@rafaelzlisboa Yes, it is called #cljsrn


@mikethompson love the subscriptions diagram! Your diagrams flow really nicely (i.e. it is clear where I need to look next). I noticed two things: Signal Graph / :Layer 3: I had not learned about the concept of two functions (one to get the signals, one to compute retval) in reg-sub. So I was confused when I looked at the code for reg-sub :greeting. I eventually found my way to the todomvc source code where the concept is explained. A pointer from the infographic to the documentation of that concept would have been helpful (Or did I miss something?). Also propogation => propagation. Thank you for your hard work on documentation. It’s fantastic.


@jhund thanks, will correct EVERYONE vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv Please be sure to read through the links under the Subscriptions heading here: This has been an under-explained area previously. I'd like to ensure we push this area of knowledge a bit. Please pass it on. EVERYONE ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Drew Verlee20:12:42

does reframe use hiccup natively or do i have to add it to my project.clj?


@drewverlee it uses Reagent, which uses its own implementation of hiccup.

Drew Verlee20:12:53

@mikethompson. makes sense, thanks!