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Ok, I've gotta just poke my head in to say I LOVE the new reframe docs. The previous docs were like "ok, this stuff is written by people who understand react and reagent and all the rest much better than me, so I'm just going to worry about it in like a year when I learn more." The current docs are like "dude, it's just subscriptions. Cool. I got this."


@gowder I appreciate you taking the time to say. The docs are waaaaay more slog than the code.


@mikethompson are you interesting in adding info about re-frisk somewhere in re-frame docs? i can make a PR


re-iterating what gowder said yesterday, this whole library exhibits so much care and attention, the docs are no exception, re-frame is the best


@andre: I added it in a PR to the external resources in the develop branch this morning


I see in the new docs when you use subscriptions and let, you don't wrap the hiccup with fn, are there any cases now where it's still recommended to wrap?


@paulb: That's a form-1 (function returning hiccup) vs form-2 (function returning a render function) question. You still might want to use a form-2 component if you want to take an action when the component is mounted into the DOM (versus every time it renders)


For example, we've got some code that fires off a query to make sure the data we're displaying to the user is up to date with the values on the server, so it looks something like:

(defn my-component []
  (dispatch [:check-for-new-data])
  (fn []
    [:p ...]))


We don't want to fire the query on every render, just on first display of the component


thanks, that makes sense


is there a channel for re-natal?


@rafaelzlisboa I'm not sure, but I believe #cljsrn is a good bet!