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@shem If you manage to achieve your server-fetching autocomplete, I would love to see the implementation 🙂


@reefersleep i'll give you a holler when it's done


If anyone has any good effects libraries that they want to put at the bottom of I would be grateful - I know there's been some interesting ones posted here previously, but I can't remember them and they've disappeared from the slack history.


I’ve been thinking about how to build an app that I am planning out. My most recent experience of building a full app was Rails 3 (I’ve been out of full-time dev for a while). I was pretty easily able to transition to working with Ring+Compojure and, more recently, have experience of building an SPA with re-frame and I really like the model. Yet I am a little uncomfortable building the whole thing as an SPA (presumably talking to a Ring based API backend). I’m familiar with Secretary and the use of document fragment ID based routing but still… One idea that occurred to me was to build a Ring based app but have each page be a separate SPA. Anyone have a view about the pro’s & con’s of building large apps as SPA’s, any worst practices to avoid (e.g. building each page as an SPA!)


any of y’all re-framers at conj? 🙂


Any re-framers at the conj, I created a re-frame channel in the Conj slack so we can organize meet ups or anything like that


@sandbags i've done multi-page rails apps and more recently SPAs, firstly with js+rails, then js+clj and most recently re-frame+async-clj ... the only reason i would consider a multi-page approach now is to support non-js environments, or maybe very ancient js environments...


my current app is a large (~50kloc) SPA - i've found the SPA+API approach and in particular re-frame's reduce-your-state-from-an-infinite-stream-of-events approach, well-formed, checkable, first-class app state, reactive views and isomorphic code to be both comprehensible and powerful


@mccraigmccraig this is excellent feedback, thanks


@mccraigmccraig are you using something like secretary to create URLs within your app?


and do you tend to have a fine-grained API and load only small amounts of state corresponding to a ‘view’ or do you load all your app data at once?


hrmm re-frisk is nice but seems to lack the ability to scroll


anyone else seeing that?


i’m in Chrome 54.0


@sandbags my app is deployed to ios and android devices on cordova, so i don't really care about urls... others seem to like secretary


my api is quite fine-grained - lots of infinite-scroll type stuff and only a few basic things loaded at init and login time




Ah, the re-frisk homepage lists a rather old version