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day8 is behind re-frame and re-com; does day8 have a website? (are they a consulting company)


We don't have a public website. We write and market software to a very particular industry niche (for the last 20 years)


Fixed set of clients, etc


If you are a client, we have a web presence, but it isn't for the general public and it is invisible to Google via robots.txt


We write software for the intersection of Media, Technology and Maths.


@mikethompson : 1. I was not aware the person answering my questions was one of the day8 devs. 2. I can not afford this now -- but to calibrate -- how much would you charge if someone said "add open source contributions for: 1) tree view [right now, there's only list], and 2) virtual grid / react fixed data table"


Oh wait, does your firm not take these one off projects?


We write software systems and licence them to big companies. SAAS.


We do have a re-com virtual data table which remain unreleased. Its a lot of work to release something OS.


I'm the founder of a startup. Cam I PM you a question? (I want to figure out if there may be a mutually aligned interest somewhere.)


Is the source of this page: anywhere on: ? This appears to be an interesting alternative to devcards for sharing "more than one page" of information and I would like to see the source of how it's implemented.


In particular, I'm not after the source of the "component" (which is linked), but the source that somehow links all the demos into a single page.


@hwk Up the top of each page are two hyperlinks


"component" and "page"


Yes, the "component" links to the source of the component, and "page" links to the source of the page.


However, what are you using to link all the pages together into "one app" ?


It does not look like you're using devcards.


You'll see that the "page" source is part of an SPA


What software is parsing all the *.cljs files, creating the menu on the LHS, and on click, updaing the RHS.


I see now: and is what I was missing. the *.html loads re_demo.core re_demo.core requires all the separate *.cljs files, [each of which stores it's "panel" information] -- then assembles everything together


@sam.roberton @danielcompton Saw some great stuff here: The documentation is somewhat lacking though, is that because you haven’t had time or because the project is not stable yet? I’d be happy to contribute if needed.


@ericnormand did an interview with me about my upcoming Conj talk on re-frame if anyone’s interested.


@shaun-mahood : btw, thanks for the lambdaisland suggestion -- I didn't like the videos, ... but I took their github repo, retyped their code, fized some typos I had -- and boom, magically reframe started making sense


their breakout editor also demonstrated use of svg with reagent/re-frame, which was also nice


@hwk: Glad it helped - I’m sure @plexus would appreciate feedback on the specifics you didn’t like if you want to send him a message directly


@shaun-mahood : I don't think there was anything wrong with the videos -- just my impatience. If I may ask, are you a contributor to re-frame / lambda island ?


@hwk: I’ve only contributed to documentation in re-frame, and have no affiliation with Lambda Island.


@hwk lambda Island is really just a one man venture at this point


@plexus: you're the author behind lambda island? damn, this slack has all the important people in clojure


I'm a big fan of your breakout editor code -- I just typed it in line after line, --- and re-frame suddenly started making sense.


Yeah that's me. I understand the videos aren't for everyone, that's fine. Still specific feedback would be very appreciated!


And as you found out there's more than videos, I know some subscribers just read the transcript. Plus working code on github for most episodes


@plexus: I have to run, but I love to chat about this more. In summary, the main issue I had (with all screencasts) is: lack of random access All what I can do is scroll forward/backward on the time scale. What I really want ... when watching a video .... is to CLICK ON THE CODE ON THE VIDEO -- and have it jump me to the right branch / line on GITHUB. That would drastically increase the rate at which I could absorb the material.


It's kind of like -- I'm watching at some time stamp -- I'm wondering "gee, how does this piece of code fits in with the rest" -- well, I can't answer that question easily -- I can only watch what the screencast says next -- but if I could click and get jumped into the actual github code ... and explore around -- that'd be amazing.


[this is not a criticism of Lambda Island, which I'm a fan of -- but just all screencasts in general -- and wondring why no one fixed this yet]


Yeah, fair enough :) I've had some ideas for more interactive features but just too strapped for time


The best you'll get within a reasonable time frame is the ability to speed the video up/down


Sorry @knaman for hijacking the channel!


reaction is defined in reagent.ratom, not in re-frame.core, maybe that's an issue?


@plexus ok, any idea y the value wouldnt refresh right away in another function


Are you getting new values in AppBar but not in tabs-panel?


Very strange...


but when i save again in file it shows the new value


What does tabs panel look like?


@plexus tabs-panel is just a dummy function that has [:h1 title], i wanted to check if the value updates in that function or not.. and it didnt


Are the new values coming from updating the db or from changing the subscription definition?


Sorry, gotta run!


@plexus db update.. no worries


Then... I'm out of ideas. Maybe restart Figwheel and refresh the browser ;)


@vikeri the re-frame-test project is fairly green. The core abstractions we've got there are solid, but we at Day8 haven't had the chance to use them much yet. Sam's team at ROKT have been using it a lot more I think. Documentation would be really appreciated 🙂


@plexus: I have no idea how difficult this would be. Another really cool thing would be to "invert" the videos. So instead of following through the video in the way it is presented, one sees the source code -- and clicking on the source code will bring up the video explaining that particular part. Thus, the "reader" has random access and can go through in the order of their choice, at the cost of my work for the video maker.


@sam.roberton ^^^ minimal docs needed :-) Interest growing.


@mikethompson, @danielcompton : need for documentation noted, thanks for the poke. In the meantime, @vikeri : in case it helps, the best that's currently available is (a) the docstrings for re-frame.test/run-test-sync and re-frame.test/run-test-sync, and (b) the implementation of todomvc tests in this demo PR


in :require, instead of having 5 separate lines for 5 different parts of re-com, is it possible to somehow say (:require [re-com.all :as re-com]) and then just have access to everything?


@hwk This would work ... (:require [re-com.core :as rc]) then ...

[rc/h-box .... ]


It is a while since I've done the above, so details might be sketchy, but intent is right. Use rc/XXX