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Hopefully mine in less than a year... I managed to sneak in cljs and re-frame in a small project I'm working on right now 😛 and I'm still trying to sell everyone on this by giving presentations on the nice bits.


@superstructor when i use bootstrap notify function in :http-xhrio then it's not rendering current page, while i use cljs-ajax instead of :http-xhrio then it working. can you explain, why ?


Can someone link me to some examples of how to do http requests in re-frame


I can't find a full example in docs 😕


Thanks for answers


I also have a problem where my re-frame db gets updated but the component that has subscribed to it doesn't get updated


Anyone has an idea why that could be?


You might have to create a minimal gist


Just thought maybe there is some common case why this happens, because other handlers are working and I checked with the debug interceptor that the db does actually change 😮. Anyways I'll post the minimal gist later if I can't find the reason


@sllyq +1 for minimal gist, but one of the most common mistakes is forgetting the deref @ before the subscribed value in your hiccup


what’s the usual prod app.js here? mine is 551K. isn’t it a bit big?


I mean using re-frame and reagent


Is there currently a centralized place where we could find a list of re-frame (co)fx handlers & interceptors?


Hi, after being away from Reagent (and Re-Frame) for a while, I'm working on a new UI and would love an easy way to create modals. What's the latest best way to do this? (with Bootstrap 4 css?) I know a little about re-com but am hesitant to bring it in for this simple case. Thanks.