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@shaun-mahood did you try re-frisk/add-data ?


it can be any data, not only ratom, and you can update it as well, you can use it as is ,or organize specific structure, for example you can add log-ratom, and update data in that ratom, using your function (one-time-log x)


@shaun-mahood so, is re-frisk works in the separate window for you?


debugger warning fixed in 0.2.1, and also removed the annoying debugging println (emit)


if want to keep all your data changes you can add timestamp as a key for example


is there a way that I can guarantee re-frame changes to the db have been flushed to the dom before I attempt to render a component?


for example, if I have a [:button] that when clicked affects some db change, then a component which wants to do a manual querySelection() after did-mount… how can I click that button -> db change -> render with changes (but not component waiting on querySelector, because the target node doesnt’ exist yet) -> render component with selector now that node exists


I can obviously do a requestAnimationFrame before rendering, but I’m curious if there’s a less-icky way to tackle this


@andre: I got it working in the separate window, thanks! add-data seems to be working to log data, I'm having a bit of an issue getting it to work from within a reg-event-fx function but it works outside of it and within reg-event-db functions, so I think it's probably an issue with something else in my code. Thanks for the help, and for getting rid of the emit call.


@andre: I got everything working, it's really nice to use so far - thanks for making it!


@shaun-mahood glad to hear, thank you for sharing your experience and feedback


which html5 history library do you use? There are and at least, but both seem like their maintainers have a lot to do besides maintaining them :)


@si14 i just use secretary which comes bundled w/ re-frame (but I'm not doing anything extravagant )


@johanatan secretary is not built into re-frame

danielcompton23:10:02 give this issue a +1 if you use Cursive and would find the feature useful


@danielcompton How exactly do you propose that Cursive know what is a registration and what is a mere reference? keywords in Clojure are created upon first reference [and without some pretty sophisticated static analysis, who knows which reference is "first"]?


@mikethompson sorry, I meant built into the project template/generator that everyone is using for re-frame (initial statement revised to reflect this)