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sorry guys, never mind. my question yesterday is a false alarm. all good now.


@nilrecurring animations is an area for which I wish we (using Reagent) had better declarative solutions. You can go a long way with CSS animations - but they sometimes require real CSS, rather than inline styles. But the harder ones are entry and exit animations. Exit is the hardest. React has some solutions:


In case, anyone has time on their hands, my dream solution for entry and exit would be something like this:

[:div  {:width  "200px"  
        :background "red"
        :exit  {:opacity "0'" :height 0}}    ;;  when being removed morph to these attributes from the existing ones  
        :entry {:background "white"}         ;;  when being added morph from these attributes to the standard ones 


declaratively state what should happen when this element is added and removed from the DOM


I’ve found the 3rd sugar form of reg-sub can be somewhat confusing @mikethompson i.e.

(reg-sub :b
  :<- [:a]
  (fn [a _]
    ;; a is not a vector so not e.g. [[a] _]
;; vs
(reg-sub :c
  :<- [:a]
  :<- [:b]
  (fn [[a b] _]
   ;; is a vector, so destructure with e.g. [[a b] _] 


Also, suggest that ordering of args means nothing, so possibly a better data structure would be a map keyed by subscription name like:

(reg-sub :c
  :<- [:a]
  :<- [:b]
  (fn [{:keys [b]} _]
    ;; destructured b based on the sub-name, not on ordering
@mikethompson ?


That would be a great declarative syntax. My issue at the moment is polluting the place with all the animation-related stuff, that should ideally be abstracted away


@superstructor I'm not sure what you mean by 3rd sugar form. The sugar forms mirror what is possible via providing a signals fn


(reg-sub :b
  (fn [_ _]    (subscribe [:a]))
  (fn [a _]
    ;; a is not a vector so not e.g. [[a] _]


(reg-sub :c
 (fn [_ _]   
    [   (subscribe [:a])
        (subscribe [:b])
    ])                        ;; on a separate line for dramatic effect
  (fn [[a b] _]
   ;; is a vector, so destructure with e.g. [[a b] _] 


Not mentioned by you, but added here for completeness ... this is also possible in a signal function (no equivalent available via sugar)

(reg-sub :c
 (fn [_ _]   
     {:a  (subscribe [:a])
      :b  (subscribe [:b])})     ;; returning a map !!!
  (fn [{:keys [a b]} _]
       ;; 1st param is now a map, so destructure with :keys 


So signal functions can return: 1. A single reactive value 2. A vector of reactive values 3. A map where the values are reactive values But, via sugar, only 1 and 2 are available


@mikethompson sure sorry for the confusion by “3rd sugar form” I mean the 3rd variation of reg-sub which is specifically the sugar form. I mean that with :<- it would be nice if the default was a map instead of a vector ?


@superstructor I'm afraid that ship might have sailed now that v0.8.0 is released.


@mikethompson yep fair enough. I thought that would be likely as its a breaking change. So my backup plan is to provide my own reg-subm to adapt reg-sub sugar to use map by default. Do you think something like that or alternative sugar syntax could be supported in re-frame itself ?


I probably don't see enough difference between:

(fn [{:keys [a b]} _]
(fn [[a b] _]


to warrant extra sugar. In fact, I kinda like the terseness of the later (which is perhaps why I did it that way 🙂 )


So it will be hard to convince me that we need more sugar around maps.


how to call cljs-ajax at hiccup style :href link in re-frame


Hi, what’s the appropriate way to debounce a dispatch in re-frame? … just for the record, I’m coming from here


@pesterhazy but i want to use :href link


then add a cljs fn, mark it as :export and refer to its mangled name: "manish.kumarm.db()"


in the href attr


@manishkumarmdb why do you want to use an a tag and href for javascript functionality?


@martinklepsch i don't want to use input type, just for practice


[input {:type "button"} ...] you mean?


@martinklepsch have you any idea about this way to implement


this is a re-com question because there’s no specific re-com channel: single-dropdown requires the choices vector to be a vector of maps (validate fn is vector-of-maps?). For very simple use cases it would be useful for it to just accept a vector of Strings & set id-fn and label-fn to identity - is there a specific reason this was not allowed? @mikethompson


@m9dfukc i’ve had good luck simply storing a local atom as a debounced setTimeout, as you would do in javascript, that times out to a dispatch


just be sure to clearTimeout on unmount or other such situations


(otherwise debouncing on the other end - in the handler, or as an fx, floods the system with unnecessary messages, particularly on input fields)


@manishkumarmdb: I'd just advise to use buttons :D


@martinklepsch thanks, i know using input type, but i want just knowing about that way, because some time no need to use input type