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@mikethompson: I just stumbled on the macro wiki page ( ), and I think that macro would be super useful to include in the library. In the last days I was thinking about writing a macro to abstract a bit on the view components (like form2 or form3 macros). Why it's still considered a WIP?


does anyone have experience selenium testing reframe applications? i’m getting a really weird vehavior where essentially select(‘input').setValue(‘foo@bar’) is too slow and incorrectly populates the input… sometimes the result is fbar, foob, foa, etc. It’s almost like reframe dispatch cycles cannot keep up with the selenium driver?


it seems to only happen with inputs past a certain length, 8+ish … should I move the input to on-blur before updating the app db, dispatch-sync that particular input? what could possibly cause the app to be dropping input?