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@richiardiandrea: @mnewhook i see your point re: local state and not polluting global state; however one counter argument is that if everything is in app-state, then reverse debugging and total information awareness become possible


@johanatan: yes software engineering everything is a compromise, it is good that we can make that choice I guess ;)


@richiardiandrea: yes I like the reagent approach more than the mandated everything in global approach of Om


@richiardiandrea: that's a good point. I'll add a note. Goal remains to not have ordering, unless good usecases arise.


Hi. I'm new to re-frame and try to find my way around. Looking for client side routing, I came across this post Is that still state-of-the-art? I see that the samples in re-frame use secretary instead (


@mikethompson: is the :key on h-box children of a v-box a supported scenario?


@ska: I think it's more a question of which routing library you want to use and what your routing needs are. If you're just starting to learn re-frame I don't think it matters what routing you use at all - I built my first re-frame app completely without any additional routing library and then bolted routing on afterwards.


@shaun-mahood: which routing library would you recommend for a re-frame newbie. I am currently trying out secretary.


@ska: I actually found it easier to learn by ignoring routing completely until I was comfortable with re-frame. Secretary and bidi are both good choices, though.


@ska unless you need url matching or routes that can't be represented by a single keyword a routing library is really not necessary. Also maybe worth outlining your requirements with regards to routing when asking about relevant libs :)