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@mattsfrey: Typically unit tests exercise one event handler and it's scope of change is limited, so if a unit test verifies schema, it might choose to just test the parts of app-db known to be effected. But unless you are particularly concerned about performance of checking the entire app-db then I would consider it good practice to do so, because this could catch any unintentional changes the handler has made using an incorrect path into app-db


why is it that so many of the assertions in re-frame end up breaking the app so that I have to reload the page?


is there anything I can do to fix that?


that is, figwheel doesn't work, I have to refresh the whole page


@shader, that sounds unusual, re-frame tries to be very robust to errors. Can you give some examples?


wonder if anyone using secretary for routing? i wonder how to make it work with figwheel reloading.


figwheel will push changes to browser, but because app-db not changed, no rerending happen


so basically when changing html wont have effect on browser unless refresh or navigate to other page and navigate back


@rui.yang: Might be worth checking out the re-frame template, it uses figwheel and has an option to add secretary It also looks like uses both figwheel and secretary with re-frame as well


@shaun-mahood thanks, i will check it out