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@dobladez: don't get too caught up in what's ephemeral and what's not. Life is a lot easier all around if you put everything (as much as possible) in app-db.


If your taste requires it, put the more persistent state in one place within app-db, and the more transient in another place (path). But as a general rule have all state in app-db, if you can.


@mikethompson: Thanks, point taken. I recently run into a similar case: highlight newly added items in a list. I first implemented it in app-db, but then moved to using a timeout to switch a local ratom. I didn't like having a new subscription, dispatch call and handler function just to switch a boolean flag. More importantly, logic remains locally contained and not spread out into different places.


I'm thinking that may be I could have generic/reusable subscriptions and handlers for this cases. This might address my concerns


Entry and exit animations are a royal pain in the behind currently.


Other annimations are fine.


Even entry ones are not too bad (CSS will get you there). But it is exit annimations!!