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@jmmk: Looks really nice but i don't think its mutable nature will play with ClojureScript nicely


i’m curious if anyone has some performance metrics for reframe? i’m starting to see the first signs of performance problems when rendering a list of ~300… which seems quite low to me, and makes me wonder if I’m doing something stupid with into [] (render-list) and breaking internal optimizations


but it would be great to have some examples somewhere so I could know if I’m doing something wrong or if that’s the upper-bound


@lwhorton: what does "rendering" mean? (:data app-db) is vector with 300 items and it takes a long time to render? Or some/many/all of those items are changing regularly and the app can't refresh fast enough?


i have a list of data items containing maybe 4-6 keys each, and they’re all stored in the db under :data-items let’s say


I know a bit about writing more optimized subscriptions (e.g. subscribing per row instead of per collection), but I wanted some way to test if I have to make these optimizations, or if I’m just doing something wrong.


ill reread the above links, thanks @fasiha


@lwhorton: performance should improve if you use :key metadata (so React can selectively rerender based on what actually has changed). Using into will always rerender everything.