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@lwhorton: incorporate the code in issue #4 in that repo. It still works.


If you want to see a working version of cljs.test try to use a template like: Be sure to use +test


thanks mike. using your example I was able to get cljs.test and speclj working with just a few tweaks.


@martinklepsch: is it really true that enable-console-print! needs to be run in every namespace? I don't see anything that suggests that in the source:


I've actually had problems with enable-console-print! where I didn't see output after reloads (with boot-reload) in the past, but could never trace them


Yeah, I don't think it has to be on every namespace, but it has to be called on each reload AFAIK


that's what I thought


I apologize in advance for a newb question, but I've been attempting to jam part of the re-com tabs demo into the main re-frame template and it seems to result in an infinite loop of sorts as soon as the js starts running. Wondering if anyone can tell at a glance what might cause that behavior?


(relevant code is at the bottom)


Apparently only supplying one component in the children vector for h-box results in an infinite loop at rendering, wrapping that in a ["Blah" ...] fixed the problem