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Will I still be able to have the cljs-devtools goodies?


@richiardiandrea I haven't played with cljs-devtools yet. I know @mikethompson is a big fan tho, and has probably tried it with the larger apps structure.


As an aside, if anyone here wants to help add a cljs-devtools option to re-frame-template that would be awesome!


@richiardiandrea: I'm puzzled by the question. There's no relationship between clj-devtools and any particular cljs library or technique. cljs-devtools just means you have a better debugging experience in devtools when you are using cljs.


Sorry i it wasn't clear, I am talking about the tracer in particular, and the fact that you can track handlers, subs and rerendered views. But I'd better try things before asking :)))


jaen: What could be the problem when a component is not properly reactive on first page load, but after a cljs-reload, (say triggered by change in the source) it functions properly? Specifically, I’m trying to modify your dropdown render function to be something like this:

    (fn [{:keys [value]} _]
      (let [value @value]
         [:h1.ui.header {:style {:margin-bottom "0"}}
          [:div value [:i.dropdown.icon]]]
         [:input {:type "hidden" :name "choice" :value value}]
          (doall (for [{:keys [value text]} choices]
                    ^{:key (str "choice-" value)}
                    [:div.item {:data-value value}]
So essentially, I want it to look like a header but function as a dropdown.


Hah, interesting; no idea offhand, would have to experiment; something you can share?


Do you mind looking at the source code?


And what the title is?


Ah one sec


It probably would be easier for me to understand what's going on if you had it in a repo I could clone and run; unless it's something you can't share then I understand.


Sure one moment


I added you as a collaborator, just because I have api keys in there, and didn’t want to make the whole repo public :P


Sure, makes sense. I'm jaen on any of github/bitbucket/gitlab.


Yep, added, and I’m pushing a snapshot of my work now


Incase anyone was curious, this turned out not to be a re-frame issue, but with reagent. The result of reagent/wrap wasn’t being properly reactive, and using jaen’s reactive wrapper hack made it work for this case, at least.


@gadfly361: you could implement something like this in your code and cljs-devtools would pick it up:


I’m trying to set up my project to use the debugging options described on the re-frame wiki ( But I’m getting the following error when I start my Cursive REPL:

Exception in thread "main" clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo: No such namespace: re-frame-tracer.core, could not locate re_frame_tracer/core.cljs, re_frame_tracer/core.cljc, or Closure namespace "re-frame-tracer.core" {:tag :cljs/analysis-error}, compiling:…
Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?


Looks like these could be figwheel issues. I’ll try asking in the lein-figwheel channel.