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it seems like 90% of my subscribes could be replaced by (fn [db [_ filters] (reaction (get-in @db (rest filters))) wondering if Im creating a smell..

Tom H.08:10:12

@nowprovision is there more 'work' you could be doing in your subscriptions that you're doing in your renders? Filtering etc?


I guess with mickey mouse experiment at the moment Im not hitting any special filtering or projection use cases.. i think i'll work around initially by creating a simple-sub that simply & args into get-in on db.. until I need more advanced subs


@nowprovision: I have very similar experience


@nowprovision: i had a similar experience at the beginning of my current project... it became less bothersome as the project got bigger, my subs.cljs got split across several namespaces


@nowprovision: that is natural I think, but it might lead to a performance issue if you have hundreds or thousands of such subscriptions:


@darwin: great discussion on the issue


has anyone tried re-frame with react-native ?


i'm using re-frame to build a cordova app atm, and am wondering if i could reasonably keep all of the core of the app and re-skin it with react-native ui


That should most likely work. I’ve been playing with reagent, re-frame, and react native a lot lately. I’ve got a demo project to get figwheel, reagent, and react native running here:


It should be trivial to add re-frame to that


@decker405: thanks - that project looks like it might be very useful to me simple_smile


@mccraigmccraig: No problem. Also has a bunch more information on react native and clojurescript, as well as other options for setting up.