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@mikethompson: I ended up writing a helper that looks something like this:


(defn has-elements?
  [generated-hiccup hickory-selector]
  ;; The hickory conversion function seems to need to be a seq of components?
  (->> (hiccup-fragment-to-hickory [generated-hiccup])
       (map #(hick/select hickory-selector %))


Seems like Specter would have worked for that too.


I also put together a patch to cleanup the compose middleware function:


For testing, do you all just reach into app-state to setup the preconditions for whatever you need?


@estsauver: With re-frame, there's three parts to test: 1. event handlers 2. subscription handlers 3. views Of these, event handlers are the easiest to test. First, create the event handler like this:

(defn my-handler
    [db v]
    ... return a modified version of db)
Then, register it:
(register-handler  :some-id   [some-middleware]   my-handler)
At this point, the testing process for my-handler is straightforward because it is a pure function. Given parameters X and Y, ensure it returns the value X'. Standard stuff. I would strongly recommend having a checked Schema for db as described here: All good. However it isn't as easy for subscription-handlers and views. They are not as pure.


But there are ways ...


Here's a subscription handler as presented in the todomvc example:

  (fn [db _]
      (reaction (completed-count (:todos @db)))))
If you wanted to test it, you can refactor, like this ... First, create a pure function which does the work ...
(defn completed-count-handler
   [db v]           ;; db is a value, not an atom
   ..... return a value here based on the values db and v])
Now, register, using a reaction wrapper.
(register-sub  :completed-count  (fn [db-atom v]  (reaction (completed-count-handler @db v))) )
It is now possible to test completed-count-handler. It is a pure function.


----- Finally, I don't yet have a way for easily testing views that depend on subscriptions ... other than first setting up app-db ... which is possible by messy.


Yah, that’s reasonable.


Cool, thank you