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Bart Kleijngeld09:09:38

I would like to be able to state SKOS concepts as deprecated (for older terms no longer in use). Does someone know a vocabulary that can help me with this? Or perhaps something like assigning a status (i.e. "in use", "pending" or "deprecated")?


It depends... I presume that these are your concepts? i.e. bart:MyConcept rdf:type skos:Concept .


There's always owl:deprecated: bart:MyConcept owl:deprecated "true"^^xsd:boolean .


Also, Dublin core has dc:valid for a period when something is valid (if you have that info), and dc:isReplacedBy to indicate a more recent term


That may not express quite what you want though. It depends on what you're trying to do 🙂


I recommend using the OWL term

Bart Kleijngeld18:09:55

Sorry for the late response. It's for our data governance, so I think those DC properties look really promising. Any reason why you specifically recommend the OWL term? Thanks Paula!


Because its definition is specifically that a resource is deprecated. The dc terms do this as well, but require extra information with them.

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I was just looking at a library I wrote earlier this year, and was really surprised at what I made. Apparently I decided to parse CSV files into records with a basic schema, and then emit those records as Turtle. I had no idea. Cool! 🙂

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Bart Kleijngeld09:09:44

The bliss of being human and possessing imperfect memory