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I don’t know how many people may have heard of my old project “Naga”. It’s a production rules engine for graph databases that creates new data based on existing data and rules. It works on Datomic and Asami. I’d always planned on building an adapter to allow it to talk to SPARQL, but hadn’t got around to it before now. Well, it turns out that I may need this for real. Unfortunately, for the rules I need I either have to expand the rules vocabulary, or parse SPARQL so I can do a SPIN-style system. That’s a lot of work, so I figured I’d ask… are there any general SPARQL production rules engines already? I guess SPIN would work, but I’m thinking that only works on Jena, or am I wrong about that?


@quoll there (deprecated) RDF4J SPIN implementation as well. SHACL rules are often suggested as substitution for SPIN.


Yeah, SHACL is a long way short of what I need


Incidentally, you can implement SHACL with SPIN. You can’t implement SPIN functionality with SHACL


Besides, we already have SHACL


I did wonder about trying to update the RDF4J implementation of SPIN to talk to SPARQL. I haven’t done Sesame in a long, long time 🙂


(When I said “Jena” I was thinking about TopQuadrant. I don’t know if SPIN actually works on public Jena)