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Al Baker21:06:39

ask returns a boolean, CSV/TSV is mentioned in the spec for SELECT queries:

Al Baker21:06:16

but really vendors should follow the advise of the spec which is to properly support content negotiation and then add these representations as appropriate (obviously with the xml/json sparql serialization responses being baseline). E.g. we added the json-ld for Stardog. For a while that was somewhat unique, though I think most vendors implement it now.

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Al Baker21:06:27

one of the things I want to do is given that stardog supports server managed namespace prefixes - we could just return the qname, or maybe even have a representation that just returned the local name and dropped the qualified piece altogether. Obviously it'd still be a proper URI in the database, but that'd open up a bunch of use cases where apps don't/can't deal with URIs, or even qnames. i.e. it's just going to be a string name of a thing elevated up and shared as this representation.