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👋:skin-tone-2: The current maintainers of quil no longer have time to look after it, which is why it’s been stalled at pre-4.0 for a couple of years. Would anyone here be interested in helping to keep it alive?

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Hi, I've been an on-and-off user of quil for hobby projects for a while and would be interested in lending a hand keeping it going.

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Charles Comstock20:06:12

I'm somewhat interested in helping out. Though mostly I have focused on the cljs side wrapping p5js, so less familiar with the jvm/processing side of things.


@UMGAMGWF8 I’m more interested in the JVM clojure side, so it would be great to have someone else look after the cljs parts.

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Charles Comstock19:06:45

I would be game for that.

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Unfortunately I can't volunteer to help directly with a revival of development and support of Quil, but in case it helps anyone to know this I would be absolutely overjoyed if this were to happen! And I would be truly delighted to try things out and report on issues.


Okay, it looks like @UMGAMGWF8 and I will be getting the current version fixed up and published and trying to do some maintenance going forward. I’m guessing it’ll be a few weeks before we get things in a good state, but we’ll announce it here when we do.


@U4EPGBKPV we’ve made good progress on getting a new build out, and we hope to have everything a bit more streamlined over the next 8-12 weeks. We’ll circle back around to train additional maintainers at that point 🙂

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This is great news - I saw your announcement of the latest version; can't wait to try it 🙂 .

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as in, helping take over maintenance of quil?


yes, exactly