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For a programming club with kids I am looking for fun tasks with Quil. Ideally, something that will also teach them to use map, filter, data types, and basic functional skills along the way. Something more fun than moving the Power Turtle around : )


I shall consider this (they all look pretty much the same) I guess I am looking for something more interactive, like moving things with keyboard or mouse around


The third example is interactive - you can hover over nodes. And there are other interactive examples on the website. Might not be 100% what you need, but given that you're looking for tasks and not solutions, they should be able to provide ample inspiration.


I tried, but it's rathe limited and I am glad we switched to quil We ended up drawing eyes in that follow cursor, had quite bit of fun )

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I’d love to hear more about the limitations of Maria. We built it specifically with beginners in mind, and it comes an entire curriculum to help them learn to program. 🙂