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Hello everyone, I am currently studying creative programming using Quill and I am enjoying it a lot. I am using the "Nature of Code" in my studies and in the book a series of interesting concepts of movement and physics are developed using the PVector class of Processing. I would like to ask if exists an interest to implement in Quill some kind of Clojure constructor analogous to the class?

Charles Comstock09:02:54

I've been using for this, it's got some rough edges but it's solid as a vector implementation.

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Charles Comstock21:02:18

Yea, unfortunately both fastmath and vectorz are Clojure only so don't work so well if using Quil with CLJS.


true, they are jvm based


maybe also interesting, I worked on this last year

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it's cljc, uses similar libraries under the hood on clj and cljs