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Hello! Does anyone know whether Quil is maintained? As far as I can tell, the GitHub repo has been at a standstill for ~15 months, in terms of commits, pull requests/merges, and issue activity (except for new issues). Looks like it might be abandoned? Edit: Aha! I didn’t notice the activity in a different branch for Processing 4. I see there is more activity there.


I struggled for a few hours today to get Quil to work on macOS. It was necessary to revert to Java 8 to get it working. I can see that several people have had the same issue. It was surprisingly difficult to find the Java 8 JDK for macOS, and I didn’t know how to install/use it alongside Java 15. But I figured it out, and wrote to help other beginners who get stuck.

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Or use It makes it super smooth to install different versions of the JDK and decide which one should be default, and which one to use for a particular session.

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Thanks, @U0ETXRFEW! @U064X3EF3 was kind and introduced me to jEnv, which solves my problem. It’s actually a breeze compared to managing Python environments and dependencies 😅

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Long time ago since I played with Python, but I remember virtual-env as being super nice.

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@U0ETXRFEW: I use Python for my day job (data science/machine learning). Yeah, virtualenv is alright! The headache doesn’t start until you’ve got a larger project, where packages A and B both require different versions of package C, and those packages require different versions of Python, etc. There are several package managers, and some packages are not available everywhere. Using several package managers together, like pip and Conda, often makes the order in which dependencies are added significant, and can result in obscurely broken environments. The programmer needs to know in which order to include dependencies, which package managers to run first, etc. This comic comes to mind:



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We have a bit of that with npm deps in a big ClojureScript app I am working with, but at least there is only one npm repo.

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JavaScript might be even worse than Python, haha! Considering the plethora of environment and package managers, in addition to the I try to stay far away from JavaScript, opting for something like TypeScript, Elixir/Phoenix, Elm or ClojureScript whenever possible. I would even go full server-side rendering with PHP before using JavaScript 😂


@U01PE7630AC I was playing with quil on macOS to help me visualize an advent of code puzzle. I had some trouble getting quil to work on macOS, but found > temurin JDK 11.0.13 and quil 4.0.0-SNAPSHOT-1, and specifying a frame-rate of 60

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Thanks for sharing your findings, @UE21H2HHD!


My pleasure, @U01PE7630AC! I’m very new to quil but found it really fun to play with.