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Anthony Ciacci02:10:15

So I have a project which requires booting up four repls using leiningen but each with different profiles. So for example for one part of the project I need to run lein with-profile dev-admin-server repl. However, I can't seem to find a way to specify what options I'd like protorepl to use when calling lein. I saw in the preferences that you can specify options, but I'd like to pass different options depending on what kind of repl I wanna spin up, rather than using the same options for every protorepl instance. Any thoughts on this?

Anthony Ciacci02:10:30

Currently, I'm thinking of doing some kind of hack to atom that modifies the preferences of protorepl, but I was hoping for an alternative to that.


Given that you can only connect to one repl at a time anyway, I'd just start them up in a terminal window and then tell ProtoREPL to connect to a remote repl and specify the host/port.

Anthony Ciacci13:10:06

@seancorfield Thanks! Yes, I ended up doing that for 3 parts of the application and things worked out. The application also uses clojurescript, so I've just gotta figure out how to get a fourth proto-repl up and running with figwheel and the proper lein options