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You should watch Stu Halloway's recent talk (to the Chicago Clojure group) about using the REPL. @ricroberts


In particular he says "don't type stuff into the REPL -- type it into a file and evaluate each form as you go". He keeps a scratch file for "REPL experiments" so he has a record of everything he's ever tried in the REPL.


I thought it was an interesting insight.


it would definitely be nice for the ink console to play well with Parinfer/Paredit, but yeah, I think most people type in either a real file or a temp file and send forms to the REPL via key commands


@rgdelato @seancorfield thanks, I figured that was how i could get it to work for me, after I typed that 🙂


Cheers for the pointer to that talk tho


I am trying to use proto-repl with my cljs setup - I am using boot. I followed and this is working correctly. I have the correct proto-repl dependencies specified in my build.boot file. I am stuck at the point where I run boot dev which creates my nrepl instance. I can connect to this nrepl with proto-repl - what would be the next steps?


The answer to the next steps is that after you connect to the nrepl started by boot dev . you need to require in the following to proto-repl

(require '[adzerk.boot-cljs-repl :refer [cljs-repl start-repl]])
Then you can run (start-repl) and connect to your app in the browser as you normally would


you will also need to disable enable-completions (which requires a restart of Atom) - seems to throw errors otherwise


Proto REPL does have an option to connect to nREPL. If you open the command palette (Cmd + Shift + P) and search for "Proto REPL: Remote nREPL Connection", you should find it. You'll get a prompt to put in a host and port number and it should connect just fine