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If I'm working in the REPL, is there a way to navigate between the previously executed forms other than simply pressing up to go through the list in the bottom/last cursor position?


As in, can we move the cursor up and down through the historically run code, and back down to the bottom position where the current form can be run?


Apologies if the question is ambiguous - have tried to word it as best as possible 🙂


@danp Not sure what you're asking...


@seancorfield - in the Proto-REPL pane, on evaluating a form after it returns, the evaluated form shifts up the pane whilst the cursor keeps focus on the bottom-most part of the pane. I know I can click previous forms, edit them, and copy them to the bottom-most cursor, but I was wondering if there was a keyboard shortcut for moving up and down through previously evaluated forms. I know I can use the up/down arrows for moving through history when in the bottom-most part of pane, but this replaces any editing I've done. So in short a way of moving between the visible, previously run forms without using the mouse.


I guess I still don't understand... you can up/down arrow, change the form, then evaluate it.


When I'm working in the REPL, I'll typically type in a form, evaluate it, press up arrow to get that form again, edit it, evaluate it, rinse and repeat. All the edited forms are in the history so I can get to anything I previously typed. I can branch by editing a form in a different way and proceeding down that path.


Cheers - I guessed I was trying to work in a strange way, but just wasn't sure how strange!