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Hello there, Atom users! I took a first crack at adding a basic Atom CLJS setup guide to, and if people have the time, I would love to have another set of eyes to double-check this pull request:


@rgdelato I was putting together a similar getting started guide at Please feel free to use any parts of it that you'd like.


Cool, thank you! (Also, slightly amused that you have a link to my old video in there :D)


Well that video is great! 🙂 You should embed it.


I actually need to record a new one, Proto REPL has been updated so that you should be able to actually launch Figwheel from within Proto REPL now (and you can actually exit it properly!)


I also prefer to start the figwheel repl outside of atom in separate console, then connect to it, because often atom needs to be restarted, as ironically mentioned just a couple messages before this conversation. Perhaps consider that as recommended method? That way people can restart atom independently of restarting repl.


Maybe also mention atom-ink which gives inline results, a feature that should excite new users?


Hmm, maybe. The Figwheel docs say using the :nrepl-port is deprecated, so I tried to move away from that, but maybe


I wasn't aware of that, do they have a repl-port that's a cljs repl by default so no need to upgrade?


Looks like figwheel just removed the nrepl port all together? There must be something running under the hood.


All I know is that periodically atom needs to be restarted and it's unfortunate that we will also need to endure a repl-restart at the same time as well.