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That's odd. There must be a bug when opening that var. Can you try opening a var from another library or even Clojure itself?


Seems like only Clojure core has been downloaded

├── environ
│   └── environ
│       └── 1.1.0
│           └── environ-1.1.0.jar
└── org
    ├── clojars
    │   └── unacast
    │       └── datasplash
    │           └── 0.4.3
    │               └── datasplash-0.4.3.jar
    └── clojure
        ├── clojure
        │   └── 1.8.0
        │       └── clojure-1.8.0.jar
        │           ├── META-INF
        │           │   ├── MANIFEST.MF
        │           │   └── maven
        │           │       └── org.clojure
        │           │           └── clojure
        │           │               ├──
        │           │               └── pom.xml
        │           └── clojure
        │               ├── asm
        │               │   ├── AnnotationVisitor.class
        │               │   ├── AnnotationWriter.class
        │               │   ├── Attribute.class
        │               │   ├── ByteVector.class
        │               │   ├── ClassReader.class
        │               │   ├── ClassVisitor.class


does leiningen always download sources to .m2 ?


And I get this when trying it on environ

decompressing /Users/torbjorn/.m2/repository/environ/environ/1.1.0/environ-1.1.0.jar to /Users/torbjorn/.lein/tmp-atom-jars/environ/environ/1.1.0/environ-1.1.0.jar /Users/torbjorn/.lein/tmp-atom-jars/environ/environ/1.1.0/environ-1.1.0.jar/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF (No such file or directory)


I thought that it always went to that directory. It looks like there might be something odd about the environ jar. This could also be (probably) a Proto REPL bug in this feature.


I can add an issue if you want


That would be helpful if you could do that.


Hi, a novice question. Using Atom first time, already installed protorepl. Started a project fwpd from "Clojure for the Brave and True". In my core.clj file I have this: (ns fwpd.core) (def filename "suspects.csv") (slurp filename). In the repl tab, got this message:


nREPL server started on port 42481 on host - <nrepl://> Refreshing code... No user namespace defined. Defaulting to not available. Add proto-repl in your project.clj as a dependency to allow refresh. See java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No such namespace: REPL already running


What and where should I add what namespace?


That error means you need to add [proto-repl “0.3.1”] to the :dependencies vector in project.clj.


ProtoREPL relies on that library to do some of its magic, and that in turn ensures tools.namespace is added to your project.


Since you’re working with the Brave/True projects which have side-effecting forms at the top-level in a namespace, you’ll also want to turn off some of ProtoREPL’s namespace reloading settings (I wish they were off by default, to be honest). In Settings > Packages > proto-repl > settings turn off the following:


Thank you very much @seancorfield!