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I just saw the presentation from Clojure/Conj and I’m very impressed with the progress on Proto REPL.


I did have one question. Is it possible to change the key binding ctrl-alt-, ? it’s kind of far off home row on the left hand. Ideally, I would be able to use , in vim-mode-plus in Normal mode but that’s really beyond my ken at this point. I wondered if anyone else had thought about it.


All key bindings can be changed, as far as I know. That's built into Atom.


I always sort of assume that such things are black arts.


I dug around a bit and here’s a first pass anyway. It’s probably a bit naive if you have more than one “Proto REPL” type thing


@actsasgeek: That's cool. I don't use vim mode but I bet others will find that useful.


it’s a start.


I had a question, though. There was a place I thought you were going to go in your presentation on Clojure/Conj that you didn’t. Some time ago, Stuart Sierra gave a talk. In that talk, he was discussing debugging and big huge maps. I remember it had to do with playing cards (maybe a poker app). He talked about taking the time to make a representation of the maps and that helped for debugging (I think it showed the actual cards represented by the maps). Since your presentation had playing cards, I thought you were going to show something similar.


for the future, do you have any plans to expose some general HTML/CSS type display library so that you might pair that with Schema/Spec and say “hey, when you get one of these, this is how you display it"


(or something like that, maybe?)