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Proto REPL Sayid is available for alpha testing now. See the instructions here I'll be offline but asynchronously answering any questions here as I get time.


There's still a few things that need to get resolved but I'm pretty happy with the way things are working now.


hey maybe i didnt explain clearly, i too know next to nothing about ctags but it seems to be the mechanism by which atom provides symbol search when you do symbol search, cmd r by default on the mac or go to declaration / find usages. You have to do some pretty clunky setup to get this to work so as you are able to parse the symbols for the autocomplete i thought maybe it would be within scope of proto repl.


Ill try and do some more research to see how this ctags thing works, it pretty rudimentary, cursive actually has a ast it uses to provide assistance such as refactoring, jump to symbol and usuage search so it might not be possible