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Hey love this project, one thing, adding proto-repl to my projects dependencies seems a bit heavy handed, is there any way to get completion and the other features without polluting my project in this way. Is there a reason this code cant be bundled with the atom package?


nvm i managed to get it into the user profile in profiles.clj and it seems to be working for all projects now 🙂


Ok heres another question, im trying to get ctags to work in atom, ive got it to generate tags for my source files, but it seems to be a manual process, also it doesnt generate tags for librarys, i could probably get it do this with more effort buts not exactly user friendly. Seeing as proto-repl is able to feed all the clojure symbols (from my code, and libs) to the autocomplete system is it able to do a similar thing for the symbol navigator


appoligies if this is an ignorant question. i was using cursive where it all (kind of) 'just worked' and im trying to replicate that environment in atom


I'm a little confused and it may be ignorance on my part. I only barely know what ctags are. Proto REPL already has autocomplete. What do you use ctags for if not completion?


Or maybe part of autocomplete isn't working for you. Proto REPL requires a running REPL to support the auto complete. As long as your library has been loaded in your project you should be able to get autocomplete for everything.


Cursive is more sophisticated than Proto REPL in this regard. It can do autocomplete without the REPL.