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hey @jasongilman did the development of the exception handling stale 😮? Let me know if you are still interested in getting that feature out 😉


@carocad I haven't done anything with that feature since I tested your pull request in the summer. I've been really busy with my day job. I'd be interested in getting the feature out but I couldn't personally put much time into it. I would be happy to give you feedback if you're interested in continuing development of it.


My Clojure Conj submission on Proto REPL was accepted. I'll be spending most of my time on that in the upcoming weeks. 😀


hey @jasongilman congratulations for going to Clojure Conj. I wonder if there would be enough time/tests so that you can show off that specific feature there 😄 It would drop quite some jaws 😉 I am happy to keep working on that feature although I am in the same situation as you now. My day job is taking away a lot of my time so the development will be slower than before but I will not like it to die there as I think it is a great feature. I put a comment last time about what I think is the source of the problem. I am looking forward to your feedback.