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No luck on the restart.


@fingertoe: what version of Atom are you running? Could you have added any custom styles to your less that may be inadvertently doing this? If you know how to bring up the developer tools you can bring them up and find the Dom elements to see exactly why they aren't visible via a style. Take a screenshot of that and I can tell which style is the problem.


Hi guys, Just started to use proto-repl, already impressed and having fun. I am trying to get use it to also get started with clojure.spec. Is there any way to set the version of clojure in proto-repl to 1.9? Thanks and apologies if this has already been answered, couldn't find it.


It looks like I am using 1.9.9 I have tried swapping the various themes. Uninstalled and reinstalled proto-repl and ink, and removed most of the non-essential plugins.. Problem persists. Not having much luck figuring out how to open those developer tools.