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I haven't seen keybinding issues before like that. @legatus7 can you try directly invoking the command using the command pallette?


That will determine if it's actually a keybinding problem or something else.


@carocad: pretty cool! I'm excited to see the final product and try it out.


@jasongilman yeap 🙂 I think we might even be able to have inline exceptions for every command but that would be a far update. Too many changes at once wouldn't be good jeje


BTW: do you have any idea why are we still getting those (form-init1234532.clj) things on the exceptions? it seems that proto-repl can recognize other files, but not the current file where things are executed 😕 What I mean is that if I have an error in a function which calls another function in another file, the file is correctly reported back. But if the error is in the current file where I defined the function then it fails ...


I need to look into that. It's specifying the file name to nREPL but the code block is just reported as form in the exception. I need to understand more about how Clojure stack traces are generated.


@jasongilman hey there, trivial PR waiting on proto-repl-charts (cannot be compiled on the latest alpha version of clojure because of a typo), please take a look!


Oh I think I found the reason or at least a clue. If you load the complete file that defines the functions with bugs and then call it with bad input the exception correctly reports the file where the functions where defined ! It seems that this problem only happens if you send the function definition to the repl


Oh guys that's pretty!


I so like that you get the callee highlighted, good job! Can I use this as feature request for cider? 😄


also, about stacktraces, this is a snipped to convert them to a list of strings + optional data:

(merge {:stacktraces (mapv str (.getStackTrace ex))}
       (when-let [data (ex-data ex)] {:ex-data data}))


^ works for both normal exceptions and ex-info exceptions


@moxaj: sorry I missed that. I'll merge it.


@moxaj: Merged and I fixed some other require's as well. It's proto-repl-charts "0.3.2" now