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Should try to get file loading in the self-hosted REPL working, and then get it split out into an easily includable library. I wrote a simple Atom plugin using the self-hosted REPL over the weekend and it was awesome.


I also pointed out that it works pretty well to the proton people, since they use clojurescript files for configuring their "layers" but it requires recompiling right now for users to create their own layers at configuration time.


they definitely seem interested!


@jgrimes: that's an interesting idea. I'm glad to hear it's been useful. File loading support would be great. There's a bunch of other stuff with it that could use some love. It's an ideal place for someone to jump in a contribute. Most of the fixes shouldn't be too difficult.


@jasongilman: if there is a list of stuff I will take a look at it. Or I can go through the issues and see if I see anything? When using it this weekend, the biggest things were loading files and changing namespaces, and having more hooks into it from the editor side of things (that isn't as straightforward). I am currently jazzed by the idea of working on some improvements to it so let me know of any big things to fix.


@jgrimes: I'll look for list later today.


@jgrimes: file loading should be straightforward if you guys are using replumb, feel free to ping me in case you get stuck


cool thanks!