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@fingertoe: I'm having trouble reproducing the what you're seeing.


(/ 44 14) user=> 22/7


That's in a Proto REPL default leiningen project. Are you using a Clojure project or ClojureScript?


I just pushed a new version of proto-repl-lib that fixes an issue with saving and displaying saved values.


It’s a clojure project… No clojurescript.


That does seem like clojurescript like behavior though..


Are you always connecting to a remote REPL?


hey @jasongilman have you seen this: ? I think there are some pretty nice ideas there that proto-repl could leverage from. It is based on the Jupyter project which has already a strong support. Just for the record 😉


I looked at that a long time ago but I forgot about it. I like the inline display of charts. I was trying to work through how to do a similar thing with Proto REPL but I couldn't figure out how to connect the particular line number with code and where to put the visualization. It looks like they figured that out.


No — I just connected to the nrepl as an troubleshooting experiment…


@fingertoe: if you could file an issue for this with all the details it would help me debug it. I appreciate all the details you've given me so far.


@jasongilman: I thought that the charts that you are displaying were using ink. Is that not correct? I'm just guessing but wouldn't that just be an inline result with a <img> thing inside? On a side note: I saw that they displayed some tables as inline results there and I thought that maybe it could be done with proto-repl results as well. That lead me to thinking of actually modifying how proto-repl displays results. I think that there are some very specific cases where things could be displayed in a better way.


So for example, if you get a hash-map with constants literals inside then display as a <ul>. If you get a hash-map of hash-maps of literals then display it as a table.... and so on. There are probably more quite specific cases where I think that the way that you see the result can help a lot in understanding it. Just some thoughts though 😉


@carocad: ink is only providing a tiny bit of the functionality in Proto REPL right now. The charts stuff is all from Proto REPL charts which uses some JavaScript libraries.


The saved values display could be improved. I was thinking more along the lines of syntax highlighting.


I’m relatively new to Clojure, and using protorepl because I use Atom for other dev work.


The project I’ve started with uses boot. I seem to be having issues getting dependencies to work within the repl.


Here’s my boot env config:

(set-env! :resource-paths #{"src"}
                :dependencies   '[[org.clojure/clojure "RELEASE"]
                            [framework-one       "RELEASE"]
                            [com.datomic/datomic-pro "0.9.5385"]]
                :repositories #(conj %
                      ["my-datomic" {:url ""
                                     :username "my-datomic-user"
                                     :password "my-datomic-pass"}]))


I also have a dev deftask defined: (deftask dev [] (repl))


I managed to solve the issue … in the end nothing to do with protorepl …


@jasongilman: Oh I see. I thought that you were using it quite extensively since there seems to be quite a lot of overlap between the functionality that proto-repl provides and the one that ink does. Things like ploting-panes, loading widgets, go-to-definition, inline-docs are already implemented in atom-ink so I though that Proto-repl could leverage those quite extensively. Some of them though, don't have good documentation so it is a bit curversome to get them working but they are quite helpful on their gitter channel. Regarding the display-values, are you open to suggestions on that side or is it something that you would like to change independently? I would give it a try if it fits the agenda 😄


Hi guys, I’m just trying out a project using the monet library, and for some reason, I’m not getting any autocomplete. I’ve included the proto-repl dep in my project too, I’m not sure what’s going on.


Autocomplete is working in smaller projects, so I’m sure it’s something to do with my project settings.


@mikebelanger: This is just a guest, but I think the problem is that Proto-Repl is (currently) mainly for Clojure. Clojurescript is only supported partially, see here: The Clojurescript part is quite limited so I would try it out in a Clojure (only) project.


oh — I missed that detail 😛 Ok thanks!


Yeah ClojureScript completion doesn't work. I believe Cider has the same limitation.


@nando: So everything is working ok with Proto REPL in the end? Are you having any issues?


@nando: You should also take a look at the sample boot file in the proto-repl-demo project