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Hi guys, is anyone here using lisp-paredit with proto-repl? Can it be disabled for proto-repl's 'Clojure REPL'? This red is gonna kill mine eyes, hahaha:


I use it as part of my setup but just for indentation. I never figured out how to turn off that annoying red when unbalance parens are printed. Usually I clear the REPL at that point.


It looks like you have color codes in the exception printout. You must have a package enabled for that. If you turn that off you'll see problems far ones often. It's printing [<some color code> which causes the unbalanced parens.


I do want to get rid of that ugliness still though.


Thanks @jasongilman. I think I'll log an issue for a feature suggestion to disable it for some files. Not sure if it will make sense, but if would be cool to disable for 'Clojure REPL' for example. re: color control codes, I think it's timbre in our project that's doing that - thanks, I'll try to tweak the settings: