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yeah you need the clojure layer to have syntax highlighting for edn


@jpinnix the iex part I'm not sure. Gonna check on that. For the resource part, we are currently trying to write a manual but that's not in there yet. In general everything you need is inside b and w categories. The key-helper can be a great way to learn proton step by step


SPC w v for vertical splitting SPC l or CTRL-w-l for jumping between panes, SPC b b to jump between open files (buffer list)


but yes, a manual is coming soon


@dvcrn: Is the manual open source somewhere? I have been wanting to contribute to proton somehow, either in making it more consistent with vim or in writing what i learn as i configure it


but doesn't mean it has to stay in that md file


similar to what spacemacs did before, with a big manual readme file. But if you know a cool html page generator, that's ok as well!