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i really do not understand what people have against IRC


you can run your own server. there are out of the box solutions for archive, management, invites, rich clients...


Availability. IRC is more or less a nerd tool and annoying to use if you don't have your own client already set up. The web solutions are not very good. Slack nowadays is almost on every engineers computer and if not, you can still just use the feature filled web interface. And the best part: It just works. No setup or anything required. Bonus points: Context. We're inside the clojurians slack: People that come here likely have a interest in clojure / clojurescript and can easily hop to other channels or the other way around. (The alternative was gitter by the way which has a IRC gateway)


persistent history. I hate that I can’t join an IRC channel and look into the past.


I’m a big fan of Elixir, I often will log in and scroll back through the Elixir slack group and see what people have been talking about. With IRC if I don’t remain constantly connected that conversation is unavailable.