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Felix M22:12:07

Are Java and JavaScript prerequisites for productive Clojure + CLJS development? Put more directly, in day to day development how often do you encounter obstacles that are overcome by your experience in the JVM and JS? I'm asking as a novice developer with only a limited background in JS, HTML, CSS and Node, interested in Clojure + CLJS for full stack web development.


Clojure and ClojureScript are both designed as hosted languages so they can take advantage of the underlying platform so to be really effective you need to know something of the platform, but as a beginner you can ignore most of it.


On the Clojure side, you'll probably find the docs assume some level of basic JVM knowledge/terminology. Not sure about cljs (I haven't touched it for seven years -- I only do server-side stuff now).


The main thing you'll run into with Clojure is huge Java style stacktraces that you'll need to learn to read in order to debug problems with your Clojure code. But that just takes a bit of patience and careful reading @heyhey

Felix M23:12:20

@seancorfield Thanks again, I'll set my JVM concerns aside for moment and give Clojure + CLJS a try, none of those issues seem like unreasonable trade-offs.