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Feedback welcome on the visual appeal of the new video I pushed to YouTube yesterday Is the dark theme easy to read? Is a dark theme preferable ? Is the font big enough? Are font ligatures preferred?


Hi @U05254DQM! I'm just watching the video now, I really like the way you ease into concepts! I find dark theme and colour choices thoughtful and very easy on the eyes. I totally appreciate the readable font size, so many videos have itty bitty fonts that are hard to read. As to font ligatures, I find them beautiful, but a newcomer might assume they are special characters that Clojure uses and wonder how to type them. So if you do use them, a very short preamble on what they are and how they are formed might be helpful.


I wonder also if very very briefly talking about parinfer and what it does would be helpful to newbies.


Thanks, great feedback. I am still figuring out parinfer myself, but I think I like it. Good idea to talk about it. I am planning a video walking through my dev setup and workflow, so should include things like parinfer I think a specific video just on parinfer is with it too, especially covering how to avoid getting confused by it 😊


I loved parinfer when I was first getting started in Clojure. I've somehow switched to and seem to prefer paredit now. I might get less confused by paredit, not sure. My mind is mysterious.


I did spend the first hour being annoyed with parinfer until I stopped trying to use it like paredit/smartparens structural editing. I haven't spotted a smartparens or paredit written in Lua (or fennel) yet. I wonder if Treesitter could be used or extended to provide structural editing One I succumbed to indentation, parinfer worked very well and I mostly forgot about parens I have a rich comment snippet that I think parinfer messes up, putting the (comment) form inside the clj-kondo map to disable lint rules, otherwise it's very smooth