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Hmm, I just installed VSCode, VSSpaceCode, and Calva, then went to jack in to a project that uses deps.edn. I got this instead of what's shown here


Don't get me wrong, now that I know what joyride is I'm psyched, and babashka is great


But I don't think those are what I should be using. It's just a regular JVM project


I would have thought that a clojure and clojurescript repl would be at the top of that list (and certainly on the list) Maybe the command has change since I last used VSpaceCode. Its been a while.


Ah, it seems they are there. There are quite a few to choose from which could be bewildering for the first time user


I've updated the VSpaceCode page to include the new list of options. Not sure why they call Clojure CLI deps.edn projects, as Leiningen are not called project.clj projects...


Thanks for letting me know about the change


I thought the 3 in my screenshot were the entire list of options. I'll feel very silly if I just didn't scroll enough


I got a full list without needing to scroll, although it's a high-rez monitor, so maybe that's the difference. It could be the theme too It should be a narrowing list when typing, if I remember correctly


There are definitely only 3 options


Typing another expected option narrows the list to 0


I haven't configured anything except for the recommended Calva override to get my esc to escape from insert mode..... I dunno where to look to adjust what project types are available


which clojure and which lein at a terminal return paths so I do have those both installed


I'll take this to #calva


I'm about to got to sleep, so will take another look in the morning if you didn't find a fix by then

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