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Lukas Domagala14:03:49

Hey @jr0cket I just looked over your plans for the Clojure book and I’m a big fan! The thing I’m missing is maybe a short introduction to using bb as the build scripting environment. Do you have any plans for that?


Thank you for the feedback I havent included Babashka in the original plans, but I could be easily persuaded. Are there specific scenarios that you would like to see? There seems to be some aspects covered in For most of my projects, packaging and deployment is relatively simple, although I would like to include more involved deployment. The approach looks interesting and although it's still relatively new it seems likely to be the defacto approach for Clojure CLI. So if Babashka can complement that approach, that would be easier to include in the plans. I would also like to script tasks like schema changes & data loads as separate processes to application deployment, which may be appropriate to script. Feel free to share any ideas you have around Babashka Thanks.

Lukas Domagala16:03:13

I think a good start would be a template for how to use from inside babashka and setting up a few basic tasks. Anything more complicated can be linked into the actual doc. I’m thinking of something like as decent-sized example usage.

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